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Best Processor for Gaming – CPU for 2011

Why a CPU or Processor is Essential to Gaming Performance
Professional gamers realize that a good CPU and video card is essential in creating a successful team. It’s like a band really, if you have the best drummer in the world, but he only has a toy set of drums, then he can only play so well. In my recent hub on building a gaming pc under $1,000 I went over the importance of a good gaming video card, but in this hub we’ll cover the best gaming processors for 2011.

When gaming it’s important to have a high FPS or frame per second so that you can avoid lagging frames that leave you at a disadvantage. Gamers with poor computer performance, or PCs that lag, may not understand that the reason they feel like they get a shot off first and then end up dead a second later is because their opponent saw them before they even had a chance! While that may not seem fair, it’s really all part of the PC gaming equation.

A Note for AMD Fans:  This hub will not have in depth reading on AMD processors and motherboards.  This is because I’ve written a hub entirely dedicated to the best AMD CPU motherboard combos for 2011.


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