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Best CPU 2011 – Intel Vs. AMD Processors

Intel Vs. AMD Processors
Experienced hardware professionals know that the only way to get the computer they want, is to build it themselves. Assembly line computers often contain parts that are not up to par with what you could expect while building your own computer.

One of the more crucial pieces to your computer is your CPU. With the various options out there which one should you pick? How does your CPU affect which motherboard you can choose? We’ll take a look at processors in each price range and rank them according to price and performance.
I have written extensively on the best Intel CPU and AMD Processors and have come to a conclusion that in the above $300 price range Intel has a competitive advantage in performance and durability. Where AMD can really outperform Intel is in the below $200 price range where you can get a Phenom II 1090T with six core performance for an affordable $199. Here’s a research article from AMD comparing the i7 930 vs. the 1090T. Although you can expect some bias from any article coming directly from the manufacturer, AMD makes a strong case in the mid-price range for it’s processors. Despite AMD’s low prices many consumers are more comfortable with the durability, reliability, and reputation of Intel’s products over the past few years.

How Your CPU Choice can Affect Your Wallet:
If you’ve built a computer before, then you know that the CPU socket type you choose affects what type of motherboard you can choose. Since certain types of motherboards, in general, are a bit more expensive than others this can affect the budget of your overall computer. For budget builders, consider a 1156 or AM3 Socket CPU. For performance consider the 1366 or 1155 socket CPU.

For now the 1155 socket processors and motherboards have been taken off of the market while Intel works on re-releasing it’s Sandy Bridge processors.

It looks like everything has been put back out and is in full swing. It’s now a very good idea to consider Intel’s i7-2600k Sandy Bridge CPU.

Best 1366 Socket CPU – Core i7-950
The Core i7-950 is our choice for best 1366 socket CPU of 2011. Not only has it come down in price considerably since December, it’s also the best rated, and bestselling CPU on the market. Many consumers have reported better than expected performance from these processors because they are made on the same wafer as Intel’s extreme series of processors.

*If you are looking to upgrade your motherboard as well as your processor, then you should upgrade to the i7-2600k to stay with the newest technology.

Manufacturer’s Technical Details:
Product Type – Desktop
Product Line – Core i7
Socket – LGA1366 Socket
Clock Speed – 3.06 GHz
QuickPath – 4.8 GT/s
What Consumers on Amazon are saying about the Core i7-950’s performance:
“Stellar across the board. I have a gaming rig with a crossfire arrangement which I also use for video editing, photo editing, streaming media files throughout my house (using PlayOn and several WD TV Live devices). I can play any game I want with the PlayOn media server running, Torrents running, and still not hit 50% CPU usage. Really the only time I use 100% of this chip’s capacity is when testing out an overclock using Prime95, or when I run a synthetic benchmark. Real world usage, with the exception of video rendering or other CPU intense tasks, will not use half of what this chip has to offer..”

Best Budget CPU – AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
Where else can you get 6 cores working for you for under $200? For six core performance from Intel you should expect to spend at least three times this much.

1090T CPU Technical Details:

Six Core Functionality
3.2GHz/3.6GHz Turbo Core Frequency
Socket Type: AM3
L3 Cache: 6MB
Power Consumption: 125W
Thanks for reading this hub on the “best cpu 2011”.In the end we feel that the i7-2600k or the i7-950 processor is the perfect high-performance option for gamers, engineers, and other high-intensity users. Average users should still consider the AMD Phenom II x6 1090-T CPU for it’s extreme performance and it’s unmatched multiple application performance in it’s price range.

If you are building your own custom computer, then consider visiting the other hardware related links below.


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